Law school, year one! Here are posts that focus on my experience during my first year while pursuing my Juris Doctor.

How I'm Spending the Summer Before 1L Year

Why I'm Going to Law School

Orientation Day 1

Orientation Part 2 & My First Day!

My First Week!!

My First Month of Law School

My Law School Planner

What's in My Backpack?

Day in the Life (of a 1L)

What's on my Desk?

How To: Get Involved in Law School

How To: Keep Your Social Life in Law School

How To: Brief a Case

How To: Organize Your Notes

How To: Outline

How To: Tackle Finals

How To: Dress in Law School

My First Semester of Law School

My Second Semester Goals

Law School Summer Job Search

Similarities and Differences Between Law School and Undergrad

Dating in Law School

Law School v. High School

Mid Semester Check-In

Preparing for 2L Year

Time Management Tips

Tabbing the Bluebook

Picking Law School Classes

Finals Hacks

Studying Playlist

1st Semester v. 2nd Semester

First Year Recap

What to do the Summer Before Your 1L Year

Advice to Rising 1Ls

Essential Law School Supplies

Law School Supplements

What to Expect in Law School

Internship Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

Law School Q&A

The School Supplies I Actually Use


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