Preparing for 2L Year

Although it may seem a bit early to be preparing for next school year, I have been doing so for a few weeks. I have already met with the course planner at my school to discuss my class schedule for next semester. In college, I never had trouble getting into the classes I needed or wanted, but at law school, there is no guarantee, so I have a few back up plans. I plan on taking two bar classes next semester, a "fun" class, and the rest of my schedule is to be decided. Here are some of the things I am doing to get ready for 2L year, as well as some tips for both current and future 1Ls on how to set yourself up for a great 2L year.

Certified Legal Interns (CLIs) are law students who have completed 44 credits and can perform a lot of tasks that attorneys can, as long as they have attorney supervision. My goal is to become a CLI following the end of examinations of first semester 2L year. I need 44 credits to become a CLI, so that means I will have to take at least 13 credits next semester to be one by Spring 2019. I don't know if   the requirements differ for states, so if being a CLI is something you are interested in sooner rather than later, I would suggest finding out how many credit hours you need to be a CLI and to plan accordingly.

Many 2Ls at my school participate in moot court or journal or both. I plan on participating in moot court to further my oral argument and brief writing skills. As of now, I don't plan on participating in one of the journals my school offers, but I may end up writing on to get onto journal. Moot court is a varying time commitment that is dependent on how each school does moot court. Most journals are typically a larger time commitment, and at my school last two years (so for 2L and 3L year). If you are interested in journal, be prepared to devote a lot of time to it.

A lot of 2Ls hold leadership positions in student organizations. I hope to serve on at least one executive board, and I am currently in the process of applying for one. If you want to get involved in leadership positions as a 2L, I recommend getting involved in organizations your 1L year.

Your law school may have other ways to get involved as a 2L. For example, my law school offers positions for practice group leaders (which help lead a small group of 1Ls), positions for research assistants, positions for working at the library or in the admissions office, just to name a few. If getting involved in one of these ways is something that interests you, reach out to the appropriate people at your school. For rising 1Ls (current 0Ls or pre-law students), if you are really interested in these positions, make sure to talk with the appropriate people as soon as possible. There may even be ways for you to get involved your 1L year that will help you secure one of these positions for 2L year.

Clinics are another great way to get involved in your 2L year. Almost all law schools offer at least one clinic (I haven't heard of one that doesn't offer any clinics) and many have multiple. They are often tailored to a specific area of the law, for example, family law, so you can decide which one or ones truly interest you. Some clinics may have pre-requisite classes that you are required to take first. Make sure to look into this for 2L year if you want to eventually join a clinic.

There is a ton to do in law school, especially your 2L year. It is definitely possible to hold multiple of these positions while balancing a full course load. Just make sure to know your limits and how much you can handle. Being able to manage your time well and prioritize what needs to be done will also help with succeeding in your 2L year (and your 1L year...). Don't spread yourself too thin and make sure to take time for yourself.

That being all said, I am trying to decide which planner to buy for next year . . . I have a couple of thoughts but would definitely love your input! What's your favorite planner? Help a girl out and leave it in the comments.


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