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Super late post, and I am sorry for it...but yesterday was my last day of 1L classes!!! On one hand, this is super exciting, and on another, it is a little terrifying because that means finals are right around the corner. I feel significantly less stressed about these finals than last semester's finals, which I am attributing to two things: (1) working on my outlines throughout the semester, so I do not have to crunch to finish them now, and (2) already having one semester of law school finals under my belt. That being said, I am still somewhat stressed, and I will be spending the next few weeks studying all day, everyday. Here are some "hacks" I use to make finals a bit more manageable.

Stock up on food and other necessary items: I usually plan a shopping trip in the first few days of finals week. I get a lot of food, especially frozen stuff, and anything else I may need. One of the worst things is finding out you ran out of toilet paper or deodorant or something vital the day before a final!

Make sure your software is good to go: I have already made sure my exam software is set up and ready for finals. Your law school will likely have sessions to help you with this, and it may be tempting to not go. I went, mostly because my software wasn't updating, and I was able to get it fixed, which was something important to check off my list! If you use Bluebooks, find a time to go out and buy all the ones you need. This will save time (and stress) in the future. Likewise, make sure to have enough pencils (and lead) or pens ready to go.

Let friends and family members know that it is Finals Week(s): This way, they won't be surprised if they don't hear from you as often as they normally do. Plus, they may give you a little more space and support if they know what you are in the middle of!

Keep a schedule: It may be tempting to sleep in until noon everyday, remain in bed until 2, and then get up to study. While you can certainly do this and still succeed on your finals, I believe a better way is to keep your normal schedule. For me, this will entail getting up around 8 (which is sleeping in for me on a weekday), getting to school around 9, studying there until the early afternoon, heading home to eat and workout, then finishing my day studying again. By keeping a schedule, I am able to maximize my studying time

Plan breaks: You can't spend all day studying or else you will burn yourself out. Make sure to plan breaks. My breaks are typically when I work out and go to the sauna. It is also okay to plan some "special" breaks like a dinner or even a night out. I am planning to go to a salt cave as a study break in the next few weeks.

Keep class materials together: One key to success during Finals Weeks is being organized. I find it extremely helpful to keep all my materials in one place. Last semester, I had a "finals binder." This semester, I am keeping a binder for each of my classes. In the binder I have my Outline, the Syllabus, Class Materials, Book Notes, and Class Notes. Each section is tabbed so I can easily access everything.

I hope everyone's finals weeks (or week) go as smoothly as possible. Good luck on finals!

In Law School,

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