Wardrobe Essentials

This post is a follow up to How To: Dress in Law School, which is my post popular post EVER!!! (Thanks to all of you who have read it and shared it, btw). Instead of suggesting how to dress for law school everyday, I want to recommend the staples that I think every law student and intern should have in her closet:

A Neat Black Suit: A black suit is what I wear the most as an intern It is also my go-to for interviews. A nice, clean black suit is impressive and professional. Especially when you are interviewing or just beginning at a job, I think it's better to play it safe (until you learn what the unofficial dress code is) and a black suit is perfect for that. I recommend having both pants and a skirt you can wear with it, so it is appropriate in any season.

A "Fun" Suit: For less professional days, or once you learn the unofficial dress code, a "fun suit" is a must! My go to fun suit is a white tank, navy pants, and a patterned navy and white blazer. I'll wear this when I want to feel a little more stylish or just to make my day a little more fun.

Simple Work Dress: By simple, I don't mean non-patterned. Instead, I mean something that you can wear with or without a blazer (so shoulder width straps at least!). Especially during the summer, it can get really hot and sometimes you just don't want to wear a suit to work. An appropriate dress can save you on those 100+ degree days. Throw on a blazer or jacket if you have a meeting or need to go to court.

Portofino Shirts: I mentioned these shirts by name in my How To: Dress in Law School post, and I'm naming them again. I literally cannot get enough of these shirts! They come in all colors of the rainbow, work with pants or skirts, and can be worn with or without a blazer. Check out all of Express's Portofino shirts here.

Good-Fitting Jeans: I wear jeans almost everyday in law school, but I haven't worn them to work at all. However, they still make my list of wardrobe essentials. Jeans are perfect for more casual networking opportunities. If you are meeting an alum one and one for coffee, jeans might be more appropriate than a suit. At certain networking events, jeans and a nice shirt may be appropriate- it depends on the culture of where and who you are networking with. For example, one local firm held an open networking night and I, along with some of my fellow interns, went. However, all of the employees were wearing jeans, and we were wearing suits (we came straight from work), and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb.

Flats: Wearing heels day after day can get old quick. Have at least one pair of flats for days when your feet hurt, you will be doing a lot of walking, or just because.

Nude and Black Heels: At the bare minimum, I recommend having a good pair of black heels and a good pair of nude heels. Some outfits look more polished with nude versus black or black versus nude shoes. I wear my black heels more often than my nude heels, but that's just because I wear a lot of dark colors. Finally, I suggest making sure they are closed toe shoes. Some offices prefer employees to wear closed toe shoes, so until you know the unofficial policy, it's better to play it safe.

Those are my absolutely essential wardrobe pieces for law students and interns. What have I missed? Leave a note in the comments!


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