What's in my Backpack?

What's in my backpack? Or maybe a better question is what do I use everyday for law school? Starting off with my backpack itself, it is a black Borealis backpack from North Face. Nothing fancy, but it is monogrammed.

Laptop and charger- This is a must have for any law student. Even if you don't take notes on your laptop, you still need to bring your laptop everyday to check emails, write papers, or do research. Also, a charger is pretty obvious if you are using your laptop all day.

Textbooks- This is another must have for law students (obviously). I bring my book to every class I go to. I typically try not to carry more than two books in my backpack at once because they are very heavy.

Binder- I use a weekly binder. I divide my binder in five sections (one for each class I am in this semester). I leave five binders, one per each class, at home. At the end of each week, I will transfer all papers from my school binder into their proper class binder.

Planner- I always carry my planner with me. It keeps me organized and on task. For more information about my planner, check out this post!

Pencil Bag- In my pencil bag, I have pencils, lots of highlighters, and multi-colored pens for my color coding system. I also make sure to carry extra lead with me in case my pencils run out of lead.

Water Bottle- My water bottle is another thing I bring to class and use everyday. It's very important to stay hydrated, so I bring a reusable water bottle everyday to class.

iClicker- One of my classes takes attendance using iClickers, so I always make sure to bring my iClicker to that class. We were not required to purchase them, as the law school rents them out to us for free.

Hair ties- I never know when I'm going to want to throw my hair up in a pony tail so I always make sure to have a hair tie with me. I keep them in my backpack because they annoy me when I wear them on my wrist.

Post-it notes- I have so many Post-it notes in all different sizes and colors. This is another staple of law students as they are used to make notes, mark important pages, point out key paragraphs, etc. I make sure they are in close reach by keeping about three different sizes in my backpack at all times. 

That's pretty much all that is in my backpack on a daily basis! I try not to keep too much in it, as law school textbooks are heavy and take up a lot of space. 


  1. HI! Can you do a post explaining your binder system, please?

    1. Of course!! I'll be posting it within a few weeks :)


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