My First Month of Law School

So I have finally made it through my first month of law school! I have started to really settle into a schedule. I now know how far out I need to prepare for each class and how much time I can expect to spend on homework each night. I have figured out how to fit in having a social life with being a law student. (Note: It’s possible, just plan ahead!)

I have joined organizations and gotten involved with them. This semester, I am in the women’s law club, the business law organization, an admissions ambassador, and in a pro-bono clinic that helps clients get protective orders. This might seem like a lot, but most of these clubs only meet once or twice a month, so none of them are extremely time consuming. I have received student mentors, as well as an alumni mentor, which has helped me make connections and understand how law school works.

Although I am farther away from my hometown than I was for undergrad, I found that this transition has been easier than when I first moved to college. I think it was easier because (1) I am older, and (2) I did it before when I went to college. Plus, I don’t have as much free time- well, I don’t really have any free time- to sit around and do nothing, unlike freshman year of college.  Also, almost everyone in law school has the same schedule and is going through the same classes, unlike freshmen year of undergrad when everyone is taking random classes.

Despite missing all of my friends from undergrad, from home, my parents, and especially my dog, I haven’t been homesick. This surprised me, because I really thought I would be homesick. I am finally living out my dream of being an attorney, and I think that has helped curb the homesickness some. I also made good friends here, which also has helped to curb it.

In this past month, I have learned so much about the law . . . in fact, I think I’ve learned more in this first month of law school than all of undergrad combined. Law school is certainly different than undergrad, but for someone who has always wanted to be an attorney, this isn’t a bad thing.

Overall, I am very happy with law school and am looking forward to the next three years. I love my school, my professors, and my classmates.  I am very happy with my decision on my school as well. Life is busy, but it is good!


  1. Kelsey, it's interesting to me the parallels that we have, starting our post-undergrad dreams at the same time... and also for a long time I thought I would be homesick for Hawai'i, but I have not been at all! (Of course, ask me again in the middle of winter, haha!) Anyway, I am SO PROUD of you for doing that work with the restraining orders. What an important service. ~ K-10

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