How To: Keep Your Social Life in Law School

In my second post of my "How To: Law School" Series, I want to give advice on keeping your social life in law school. Most people know, or easily assume, that most students' social life take a hit in law school. And while this is true, you don't have to completely give up your social life while pursuing your JD. Listed below are some of the ways my friends and I keep our social life alive while in law school:

Go to organization's events: Many organizations host events outside of the law school. Some are free, while others you may have to purchase a ticket. For example, my law school's SBA threw a Halloween party at a local bar/concert venue, another organization hosted a talent show, and another one is having a Bollywood night soon. Most organizations will host happy hours at times, which is another way to interact with people outside of the law school.

Go to Barrister's Ball: Most, if not all law schools, throw a formal dance at least once a year, called Barrister's Ball (otherwise known as law school prom). Even if you don't have a date, go with a group of friends. This is another social event that can help you escape the stressors of school.

Go to Bar Review (not the test review!): Many law schools have an event called "Bar Review." At my school, each week, an anonymous "Bar Reviewer" invites the entire law school to a different bar. Bar Review is super fun, and a great time to interact with your class and upperclassman.

Go to football games/tailgates: Yes, taking an entire Saturday off for a football game might seem like a lot, but if you can manage it, go for it! My law school hosts a tailgate for every home football game. Although I have only gone to one, I had a lot of fun, and it was a good way to get out and enjoy life.

Grab lunch or workout with a friend: If bars or large social events are not your type of thing, you can still have a social life in law school. Meet with a friend to get coffee or lunch and just talk (not about law school). Working out with a friend is another great way to get some social time in without feeling like you wasted a whole night (and next day).

Stay connected with non-law school friends: This is so, so, so important! Sometimes it's nice to talk to people who aren't in law school. Law school is very much a bubble, so get out of that and maintain relationships with non-law students. Set up FaceTime dates or weekly calls with your best friend. If that is hard to do, call or text them frequently. Don't forget about them!

Get a group of friends and go out for dinner: I did this with a large group of girls during my first week of law school. It was a great way to treat ourselves and get to know each other. Just like grabbing lunch with a friend, it is a great way to get out of law school and be social without feeling life you are wasting a ton of time.

Movie Nights/TV show nights: Another popular option, this allows you to do something with people, but doesn't take up too much time. Fun, solid, and usually fairly cheap social event.

Overall, there are PLENTY of ways to maintain your social life in law school. Yes, you will study a lot more than you did in undergrad. No, you will not be able to go out as much (or as hard) as you probably did in undergrad. However, it is very possible to have a social life in law school. A lot of it is being able to manage your time, and planning your schoolwork around events you know you want to attend.


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