Why I'm Going to Law School

First off, we have entered a new month and with it come some exciting changes for Fit Future Attorney! Along with new images, I have decided to change how often I post. Originally I posted every Thursday (with one random Monday thrown in) either on my life as a soon-to-be law student or a fitness post. From now on, I will still post every Thursday, but it will always be a "law school" post. I will post every other Monday, and my Monday posts will cover a fitness topic. Fitness topics will range from workouts to stress relief to healthy meals to mental health and everything in between. I am super excited about these changes and hope you are too! Also, make sure to follow my blog with Bloglovin!

With law school FAST approaching, I recently received my class schedule and book list. Today, I received an email from a professor outlining all of our assignments for the first two classes (there is a lot). Everything is finally becoming real. While it can be easy to become overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious, I told myself to step back and look at the big picture, the reason why I am going to law school. I mentioned part of it in my personal statement, but I want to share it here with you.

Growing up (and still today), I was a creative person. I loved doing crafts, drawing, and especially dancing. Because of my creativity, I thought I should be a designer of some sort, specifically a fashion designer or interior designer. But something just felt off about these potential careers; I did not know why, but I knew I was not called to pursue these careers. In 7th grade, my class studied the legal system and participated in a mock trial. Being the tenacious overachiever I was, I wanted to be one of the attorneys SO bad. And my teacher selected me as one of the two prosecuting attorneys. During that week, the other attorney and I worked tirelessly to prove that the defendant pushed our client down the stairs. When the verdict came in, we discovered just how hard a prosecuting attorney's job could be. Even though we lost the trial, that day I won; that day I discovered what I had been called to do.

Ever since that day, I set my sights and actions on law school and a legal career. I graduated from middle school as the salutatorian, second only to my best friend who starts medical school this year. I took all of the law related classes I could in high school, accumulated 39 college credit hours while in high school, and chose to go to a college that provided great pre-law resources. I graduated from college in three years and took logic classes unrelated to my major just to get a head start on studying for the LSAT. I joined a pre-law club and always put my academics first. Finally, it paid off when I received my first law school acceptance letter.

So why do I want to be an attorney? I love people and want to help them. I want to make a difference in people's life and help them during some of hardest things life will throw at them. When others are putting them down, I want to lift them up. Yes, there are other ways I could do this, but my skills, knowledge, and passions best align with a legal career. I love history, and that's what many court cases are, so I cannot wait to study them. I have a good sense of reasoning and often see what others miss. But I still need that human connection in my professional career. I need to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Although I do not know what area of law I want to go into (I have it narrowed down to two or three), I do know one thing: these next three years will be incredibly tough, but unbelievably worth it. My dreams are finally coming true.


  1. Kelsey, that is such a beautiful reason to become an attorney! It's great to hear your intentions.

    1. Oh, it doesn't show my name ~ it's me, your cuz Kristen!

    2. Hi!! I'm so glad you found my blog!! Hope you are doing well

    3. You too, sweetie! Sounds like it's going well for you! I'm having a great time in Philly. Been doing a ton of reading for my class that starts this weekend. Blessings!


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