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What's in my Backpack?

What's in my backpack? Or maybe a better question is what do I use everyday for law school? Starting off with my backpack itself, it is a black Borealis backpack from North Face. Nothing fancy, but it is monogrammed.
Laptop and charger- This is a must have for any law student. Even if you don't take notes on your laptop, you still need to bring your laptop everyday to check emails, write papers, or do research. Also, a charger is pretty obvious if you are using your laptop all day.
Textbooks- This is another must have for law students (obviously). I bring my book to every class I go to. I typically try not to carry more than two books in my backpack at once because they are very heavy.
Binder- I use a weekly binder. I divide my binder in five sections (one for each class I am in this semester). I leave five binders, one per each class, at home. At the end of each week, I will transfer all papers from my school binder into their proper class binder.
Planner- I always carry my plan…

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