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Extracurricular: Moot Court

Last week, I posted about law reviews and journals, a popular law school extracurricular for 2Ls and 3Ls. This week, I’m shifting my focus to another popular extracurricular for second and third year students: moot court.

What is moot court? Moot court is the chance for law students to argue hypothetical cases, occasionally in front of distinguished lawyers and judges. Moot court arguments and briefs take place at the appellate level, meaning there has already been a lower level decision, which one party is appealing. While there is variation in different moot courts, most have the same general structure. A problem is given, typically in the form of a memorandum or a notice of appeal. This document will include a record of the case, including evidence pieces, and any other document that the problem writers/moot court organizers think competitors would need. Competitors will then be given a side to take (appellant or appellee) and will write a brief explaining why the lower court eith…

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