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Tips for Landing a 2L Summer Job

It seems that OCIs are in full swing and 2Ls are already starting the job search process for next summer. For those of you looking for jobs for this coming summer, here are some tips to help you land your dream job.

First of all, be yourself. A lot of employers interview you only if they like your resume. So by the time you have a callback with them, or even the first interview, they already know you are smart and are capable of doing the work. They are now looking to make sure you fit in with the firm culture, and if you aren't yourself in the interview, they can tell. Recruiters know when you are faking or when you are only saying what you think they want you to say. During interviews, it is still good to talk about your experiences and what you will bring to the office. Just make sure you do so while being yourself.

Send thank you notes. To everyone. Seriously. They took time out of their busy day to meet you. The time they spent with you, if they work for a firm, is time that…

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