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Preparing for 2L Year

Although it may seem a bit early to be preparing for next school year, I have been doing so for a few weeks. I have already met with the course planner at my school to discuss my class schedule for next semester. In college, I never had trouble getting into the classes I needed or wanted, but at law school, there is no guarantee, so I have a few back up plans. I plan on taking two bar classes next semester, a "fun" class, and the rest of my schedule is to be decided. Here are some of the things I am doing to get ready for 2L year, as well as some tips for both current and future 1Ls on how to set yourself up for a great 2L year.

Certified Legal Interns (CLIs) are law students who have completed 44 credits and can perform a lot of tasks that attorneys can, as long as they have attorney supervision. My goal is to become a CLI following the end of examinations of first semester 2L year. I need 44 credits to become a CLI, so that means I will have to take at least 13 credits ne…

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