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What College Seniors Should be Doing Now (for Law School Next Fall)

It seems like school and fall has just started: first round of exams are about to happen, football and tailgates preoccupy Saturdays, and you're counting down the days until it is socially acceptable to go to a pumpkin patch. However, for college seniors, fall is an extremely important time in the law school admissions process. The more you do now, the better off you will be for a few reasons. One, the earlier you apply to a law school, the sooner you find out if you got in. Also, the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of getting in/getting a good amount of scholarship money. Finally, if you apply soon, you can stress less during your last semester of college.
While applications may have not opened for every school, college seniors who are set on going to law school should be doing these things in order to set themselves up for admissions success: If you need (or want) to, take the LSAT (or take it again). For some people, it's not worth it, but for others a higher …

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