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Gym Etiquette

Every once in a while, no matter what gym I go to, there is someone who is rude or does something that annoys everyone else. I always get the urge to write this post when that happens, but I usually don't. I decided to do so now because while most people are polite gym-members, everyone can be reminded now and then about Gym Etiquette.

Use equipment for the right purpose. This is not your personal gym, so if a machine has a specific purpose, please use it for that purpose. If you don't, not only will you look stupid, but you will anger those who want to use that machine for its specific purpose.

Don't hog machines. No, you don't need to use one machine for fifteen minutes. That is excessive, not the best workout, and annoying to anyone else who may want to use the machine or equipment.

Going along with that, don't reserve machines. If you aren't using equipment, don't put your water bottle by it or towel on it. If you are working in with someone, that'…

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