Deciding Where to Go to Law School During COVID-19

So I have not posted in forever...I've been wanting to post for a while now, but was not for sure about what I wanted to write about. For the past two years, I've been serving as an Admissions Fellow for the Office of Admissions at my law school. Let me tell you- this has been a weird year for admissions. Our school had to cancel our second Admitted Students Day, and we stopped in-person visits when we went on spring break (which was also the time the school went virtual).

One thing I do often is talk to admitted students about my school and law school in general. So many of admitted studnets have not been able to visit the schools they were accepted to, which can be challenging, but here are some tips for deciding where you want to go to law school when you can't visit schools.

1: Talk to Students. This is arguably the best way to learn about law schools. Some schools designate certain students for admitted students to talk to. Others don't, but if a student has reached out to you from a school or you know someone (even a friend of a friend) who goes to a school you were accepted at, talk to them. Ask them their honest opinion about the school and the town. Students are usually more than willing to talk to admitted students, especially now. We know how difficult choosing a law school is, but it is now even harder to decide where to spend the next three years. We want to help make this decision easier for you!

2: Participate in any virtual events school host. My school has hosted numerous events for admitted students including student life sessions, financial aid sessions, and academic sessions. If a school you were accepted at hosts these events and they interest you, attend them. Even if they don't interest you, I recommend attending one or two. They usually aren't long, and you likely don't have anything much better to do! These events can provided a wealth of knowledge and help you make the decision a little easier.

3: Take a Virtual Tour of the School and Campus. Most, if not all colleges, have a virtual campus tour you can go through online. I highly recommend doing this! It's not the same as going to the campus in real life, but it is better than nothing, and you can get somewhat of an idea of what the campus looks like. Additionally, many law school has virtual tours of their building. I also recommend watching these tours as well because you will likely be spending more time in this building than any other on campus.

4: Find videos from the schools on YouTube. I know my school has numerous videos on YouTube from events like Moot Court Finals and fundraising events. Watching videos that law schools post can give you a better idea of what student life is actually like there.

Choosing a law school is tough, but the current situation has made it even harder. But with these tips, you can still make the right decision even without visiting schools! Good luck!


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