Where I've Been

It has been a while since I posted on here...almost five months actually. I totally meant to post this yesterday, but my days got all mixed up (thanks, Finals).

At the end of last semester, I decided to take a break from blogging to focus on school and my mental health. I had full intentions of returning to blogging in the spring and even created a list of posts to write about. Over winter break, I took some time off, refreshed and recharged and was ready for the spring semester.

However, this semester was CRAZY. No one ever told me that 2L was THIS busy. (To all the rising 2Ls: Make sure to not spread yourself too thin. Pick and choose your own path. I didn't do journal, and I'm so glad I didn't because I honestly don't know if I would have had time). Spring semester was even busier than fall. I was co-chair for one of the larger events at my law school. For the first half of the semester, most of my extra time was spent working on the auction hosted by our women's organization. It required a lot more work than I anticipated, but it was a great event in the end. There was also a death in my family about a third of the way into the semester. Thankfully, I was able to go home and be with family during this time. The second half, I focused on an independent research study that I was receiving credit for. I needed about 100 hours, and quite frankly, I put it off- mostly because of auction I planned in the first half of the semester. I finished this research and the paper  on it during our reading days, and then immediately turned around to take finals. I took my last final on Wednesday, and I still have a transactional drafting project to finish up this coming week before I am officially done with my 2L year.

This summer, I will try to return to my normal posting schedule. Every other Monday with a fitness/health/wellness post and every Thursday with a law school post. However, I would love to hear what you all would like to see from my blog this summer- recipes versus workouts, a focus on mental health, more law school tips, etc.

As for my summer plans, I will be returning to Kansas City, MO, which is where I summered last year. Unlike last year, I will be at a large firm, and I am so excited! I've loved this firm since I first visited it. I am looking forward to this summer and everything that KC will have in store for me!

Thanks for being patient with me- but I'm back now!


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