Where I've Been

So this won't be a long post, nor will it be about fitness or wellness. I just wanted to update everyone on where I have been. Three weeks ago, I started my 2L year of law school, and it has been great! Busy, but great. I've been traveling a bit on the weekends, but more importantly, I unexpectedly got injured last week. I hoped that it was a temporary thing, but it looks like it is here to stay for a while, and I will be starting physical therapy for it soon. Don't worry, I am fine, but in a little bit of pain. The hardest thing for me is not being able to workout the way I am used to. Working out is my greatest stress reliever, so for the next few weeks, I will either have to modify my workouts because of my injury or find another way to relieve the stress of law school. Expect a post about new workouts I've discovered to work around my injury or on some of my new-found stress busters.

With all of that being said, I am finally back to my normal schedule (what is normal?) and will still be posting every Thursday about law school life and every other Monday about fitness, wellness, or lifestyle.

Here's a sneak peek of Thursday's post: Law School Q&A Part 2! This was a great way for you all to ask questions, and I had so much fun answering them. To submit questions, check out my Instagram (@fitfutureattorney) tomorrow morning or send me an email at fitfutureattorney@gmail.com. I'm looking forward to everyone's questions!


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