Gym Etiquette

Every once in a while, no matter what gym I go to, there is someone who is rude or does something that annoys everyone else. I always get the urge to write this post when that happens, but I usually don't. I decided to do so now because while most people are polite gym-members, everyone can be reminded now and then about Gym Etiquette.

Use equipment for the right purpose. This is not your personal gym, so if a machine has a specific purpose, please use it for that purpose. If you don't, not only will you look stupid, but you will anger those who want to use that machine for its specific purpose.

Don't hog machines. No, you don't need to use one machine for fifteen minutes. That is excessive, not the best workout, and annoying to anyone else who may want to use the machine or equipment.

Going along with that, don't reserve machines. If you aren't using equipment, don't put your water bottle by it or towel on it. If you are working in with someone, that's different, but in general if you aren't currently using something, let someone else use it.

If you want to work in, ask to work in. Most people will let you work in if you ask, or they will say they only have one more set left, and then it's all yours. However, if you ask to work in, and someone says no, except it. You were polite and asked, and they said no.

If you aren't going to ask to work in, DO NOT stand by the machine or equipment you want to use. This is my biggest pet peeve, and it is extremely rude. Once, I was doing lat pull downs, and these two girls stood behind me for almost the entire time I was using it. Not 10 feet away, but within 3 feet of me. There were about 4 other lat pulldown machines, and all of them were being used, but for some reason, these girls chose the one I was using to stand behind and wait impatiently for. It was one of the rudest situations I've ever encountered in the gym.

Please listen to your music through headphones. The rest of us don't want to hear your music.

Likewise, we don't want to hear your conversations either. Whether you are on the phone or having a long conversation with another gym-goer, please move off to the side, don't talk too loudly, and be cognizant of others around you.

Be cognizant of where (and who!) you are looking at while working out. It makes everyone uncomfortable if you are staring ahead right at someone the entire time you are working out.

When you are moving throughout the gym, please watch out for other gym-goers (especially those who are lifting weights). Likewise, don't pick a crowded spot or right in the middle of a walkway to lift. Don't stand right in front of mirrors or equipment. Be aware of where you are standing.

Follow any other rules your gym may have. Some gyms don't allow people dropping weights or grunting loudly. Respect that. Others have certain rules about what to clean off and what not to. Follow that. You will make the owners, staff, and other gym-goers happy.

That's enough for now, but there may be a part two to this post at some point. What are some of your Gym Etiquette rules? Or even better, what is your biggest pet peeve at the gym? Leave a comment!


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