Fitness Goal Check In

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post evaluating how well I was doing with my second semester goals. This week, I decided to do the same, but for my fitness goals.

Work out 5 times a week- Overall, I've been sticking to this goal really well! Some weeks I go four days and others six days, so it roughly averages out to five days a week.

Run two 5Ks- I haven't run any 5Ks yet this year, but I am signed up for one. I plan on running a 2 mile fun run and a 5K in June, I just need to sign up for them.

Train for them- I have not started training for my runs yet, but as they are about 8 weeks away, I plan to start soon. Be on the lookout for my 5K Training Plan soon!

Eat more veggies- I still only eat spinach and broccoli. This has been the one goal where I have completely failed and have a lot of work to do. In the beginning of the year, I bought carrots, but did not eat any of them...oops. If anyone has some yummy vegetable recipes, send them my way!

Meditate or practice yoga once a week- This is the goal I have done the best with! I have recently started to practice yoga more (about once a week I would say). I've also found a great way for me to meditate, and I've been doing that about once a week as well.

I've been doing pretty good with my fitness goals, and I may revise them in a few months. I really could use help with finding some good vegetable recipes, so if you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments!


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