My Favorite Ab Workout

In my last fitness post, I created and shared a 21 Day Workout Plan. Today, I want to share with you my personal favorite Ab Workout, which can easily be done as a part of the 21 Day Workout Plan. I am not a huge fan of typical crunches. I find that crunches aren't efficient, so I like to mix it up a bit.

Complete the exercises grouped together as a pair. Alternate between each exercise for every set. For example, do one set of 10 standing side crunches followed by 10 dumbbell side bends. Repeat for a total of three sets per exercise. In total, you should do three sets of ten reps per exercise.

Standing Side Crunches: Start in a standing position with your hands behind your head. Shift your weight to the right leg, bringing your left knee up toward your left elbow along the side of your body. That's one crunch. Make sure to 10 reps on each side.
Dumbbell Side Bend: Stand with a dumbbell (I usually use 25 pounds for this exercise). Bend at the waist to the right side as far as possible while keeping your spine straight. Return to the standing upright position. That's one side bend. Make sure to do your right and left sides.

Russian Twist with Medicine Ball: Sit on the floor with your torso leaning back 45 degrees with your knees bent. Feet can be in the air or on the floor, depending on your fitness level. Grab a medicine ball. To complete one rep, bring the ball to your right hip and then to your left hip. Try to keep your back stable during the movement.
Medicine Ball Full Body Extension: Start sitting on the floor with your torso leaning back at a 45 degree angle. Hold the medicine ball at your center. Extend your legs at the same time as you lay back. Return to starting position. That's one rep!

Stability Ball Tuck: Get into a plank position with your feet on a stability ball. Tuck your knees up to your chest.  The stability ball should move with your legs.
Stability Ball Hands to Feet Pass: While laying flat on the floor with your arms and legs extended, hold the ball in your hands. Bring your arms and legs to 90 degrees, passing the ball from your hands to in between your feet. Lower your arms and legs (with ball between your legs) to the floor. This is one rep.

Plank Sequence: Hold elbow plank for one minute (or the time increment you seem fit). Move into a left side plank for 30 seconds (or a different time) followed by the right side plank. Make sure you spend equal time for both side planks (30 seconds and 30 seconds, 1 minute and 1 minute, etc.)
Straight Leg Reverse Crunch (with padded weighted exercise bar): Lay down with your legs fully extended. Hold the bar above your chest (arms will be at a 90 degree angle). Raise your legs to touch the bar (your legs should touch the bar on your shin). Lower legs back down- that's one rep.

I hope you enjoy this ab workout as much as I do!! Leave your favorite ab exercises in the comments.


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