Dating in Law School

I figured this would be an appropriate post since Valentine's Day was yesterday. For those who don't know, I am in a long distance relationship. There are obviously many dating situations in law school, but I am going to talk about the three most common.

Dating Someone Local- By dating local, I mean you are in a relationship with someone not long distance. One of my friends is in this type of relationship, and I asked her thoughts on it. She said that she recommends having a strong base and not being in a new relationship. She is very conscious about completing as much work during the week so she can spend as much time with her SO during the weekend.

Dating Long Distance- Personally, I like dating long distance in law school, mostly because if my SO was here, I wouldn't be the best girlfriend because I spend so much time on schoolwork. However, I asked my boyfriend what the best and worst things about dating a law student are. Here is what he said:

"I would say the worst part is not understanding the workload at first/not being able to help that much when things get stressful. Especially as a guy who cares a hell of a lot and wants to know and help.

The best part is the absolute pride I feel watching you go through it all and seeing the incredible amount of knowledge you picked up in just a semester. And how passionate you are talking about it (law school/the law).

Dating a law student isn't the easiest thing to do; it takes patience, good communication, and a lot of support. But if you have those things, you're definitely on a good path. Support your significant other, because they still love and care about you, but sometimes they literally don't have the time to show it. And that's perfectly fine, because their legal education is more important. And it all works out in the end!"

When he told me this, I swooned. He is truly amazing. His advice applies specifically to long distance couples, but also to any couple in law school.

Single/Actively Dating- For those who are single and actively dating in law school, it can be challenge to meet new people and make time to begin a relationship. Some places to look are within the law school, other grad students, or young professionals in the area.

I believe the key to actively dating in law school is to not rush into anything right when you start law school. The first semester is tough and school needs to be your focus. If you meet the right person, that's great! But make sure your focus is on law school and that they understand it. Remember, the purpose of going to law school is to get your JD, not your MRS. (But it could happen along the way, and if does happen, congrats!)

No matter what your dating situation is while in law school, love yourself first. I firmly believe that to be in a supportive, strong relationship, you have to be happy with yourself and love yourself. If you aren't in a relationship, your happiness and self love matter too. At the end of the day, your happiness is most important. For some people, happiness is being single, but for others, it is in a relationship. Ultimately, strive to be happy with yourself, regardless of your dating situation, and to support yourself throughout law school.


  1. Great advice! Especially about making sure you have a solid relationship with yourself as a foundation for having a healthy relationship with another person. Glad you have a good guy!

    1. Thank you!! And yes, it is so so important to have a solid relationship with yourself first. And I am too, I have to say that I'm very lucky


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