My New Years Fitness Goals

Goals > resolutions! Instead of saying you are going to do something, put action to that and make it happen. Here are my fitness goals for 2018:

Work out 5 times a week- This past semester, I didn't really know how much I would be able to work out with school. My goal was about five days a week, but that was pretty tentative. Now, I am confident that 5 days a week will be a good goal, and that most weeks, I will be able to work out at least six days.

Run two 5Ks- Last year, I ran my first 5K with no preparation. I was TERRIFIED for it, but it went a lot better than expected. So I want to run two 5Ks this year. I'm already signed up for one in August and am currently looking for another to run.

Train for them- As mentioned, I did not prepare for my first 5K at all. In fact, I hadn't run for about six years before I did it. Don't be like me, that was dumb. I plan on training for the next ones, and I also plan on having a timed goal I want to accomplish.

Eat more veggies- Instead of just wanting to eat healthier, I want to specifically eat more vegetables. I love spinach, like green beans and broccoli, but that's about it. Plus, I don't eat them as much as I really should. This year, I'm going to try to add in more veggies to my everyday meals. Carrots and ranch, anyone?

Meditate or practice yoga once a week- I meditated a few times last semester, but want to do it more. Meditation provides benefits such as reduced stress, reduced anxiety, increased memory recall, and increased creativity.  I hope to meditate or practice yoga at least once a week as a method of self-care.

Those are my fitness goals for 2017! What are yours? Leave them in the comments below!


  1. I know you're in law school so I'm sure you've got ADR on the brain, but you put mediate/mediation instead of meditate/meditation! Haha :)

  2. Oh my goodness! That's too funny. Thank you for pointing that out, I'll make sure to change it :)

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  4. Girl!!! It's seriously so fun reading this blog. Its February and I'm a little late to the new years goals game I kind of want to make some! Haha!!

    I don't know if you have a blender, but I found that adding greens into smoothies and having one every day helps SO MUCH with getting my veggies in...maybe it'll work for you! Especially since you are probably always on the go!

    For the yoga/meditation, I CANNOT FOCUS. So I diffuse essential oils to keep my nerves at ease and my mind happy and clear :) Peppermint helps to stay awake, stress away helps to stay calm! I seriously bring lavender with me everywhere I go and you wouldn't think that would do a whole bunch...but it helps so much! Yay to you though for being disciplined and able to practice those things.

    Hope you are reaching your goals! You inspire me so much Kelsey!!


    1. I'm so glad you enjoy reading my blog! It means a lot to me!

      And yes, that is a great idea! I have been wanting to try more smoothies (and overnight oats but that's another topic...) and definitely looking for some good recipes, so let me know if you have any good ones!!

      I just got an essential oils diffuser and am playing around with things I like. I like lavender, especially when I'm getting ready for bed. For stress relief, I use an equal mix of frankincense and eucalyptus.

      I hope you are doing well!! Keep in touch, especially if you make some belated New Years Goals!


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