What's on my Desk?

Yes, that is an actual picture of my desk. And yes, it is actually that clean, although I don't think my mom will believe me.

When I am at school, I like to have a clear desk with lots of work space. I try to keep my desk free of clutter and any unnecessary items on it. I like to spread out with my textbooks, laptops, supplements, and anything else I may need to study.

First off, this is my desk lamp. It stands on the upper left hand corner of my desk. There is a little bit of a story behind this uniquely shaped lamp. In undergrad, I was in Alpha Chi Omega, and our national symbol is the lyre (I like to describe it as a mini-harp). The lyre was the first instrument to be played on Mount Olympus, and it is seen as a symbol of the musical arts. My parents were thrift shopping one day, and my dad noticed this lamp that looked a lot like a lyre. He bought it for me, and inquired into the history of it. It turns out that this lamp is a piano lamp, which led my parents to believe that it was designed to be a lyre. My dad repaired the lamp, cleaned it up, and gave it to me. Now it sits on my desk as my lamp, and it serves as a reminder of my sisterhood.

The other corner of my desk looks like this. It includes a clipboard calendar that I got at the beginning of 2017 from Target for $3. I thought it was super cute, and it is a nice touch to my desk. I keep all of my pencils, pens, and highlights in a desk organizer that I also got from Target. It has four separate sections. I put all my pencils in one section, my black pens in one section, my colored pens in another section, and my highlighters in the fourth section. I also keep multiple stacks of Post-It notes. I use Post-It notes everyday to mark my spot in a book, jot a quick reminder, and make my shopping list or to do list. Plus, I love the fun colors! Finally, I also have a picture that has the famous Legally Blonde quote: "What, like it's hard?" on it. My roommate last year gave it to me as part of my Christmas gift. I keep it on my desk for inspiration and to remind myself that law school is a challenge, but not impossible. It gives validation to my stress, but also encourages to be tougher than law school.

That's it! Everything else I use when I study is kept in my desk or on my printer. The only other things I use regularly as a three-ring hole puncher and stapler. I keep these two things on top of my printer to save desk space.


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