How To: Get Involved in Law School

For the next month or so, I've decided to start a "How To" series that explores all aspects of life in law school. I'm pretty excited about it, and I hope you all like it as well. For my first "How To" I'm going to tackle how to get involved in law school.

First off, getting involved while in law school is super important. It is very easy to let yourself be consumed by school. Getting involved in clubs or other activities, is a good way to take some time off of school and meet other students with similar interests as you!

Go to your school's activity fair- If your law school is anything like mine, it will host an activity fair within the first few weeks of school so 1Ls can find ways to get involved. Definitely go to this! You will find clubs that you didn't even realize your school had. If your school doesn't host an activity fair, check out the website or ask the Office of Student Life for a club list.

Sign up for multiple clubs- If you have the slightest interest in a club, sign up for their emails!! Even if you end up deciding to not join that club, it still will provide information and resources for you. Plus, you may want to join that club in a different semester and by getting their emails you can stay in the loop.

Once you join a club or two, run for a 1L rep position. A lot of clubs will have an open spot on their executive board for a 1L rep. This position is pretty much a liaison between the club and the 1L class. Being a 1L rep looks great on a resume, and it helps you get involved in the law school and meet older students.

Ask for a mentor- Many clubs will provide you with the opportunity of getting a 2L/3L mentor. Do it!! An older law student can provides tons of insight on studying for finals, preparing for class, making the transition, plus a whole lot more. They might even introduce you to other activities that they are involved in.

Start thinking about future opportunities- As a 2L or 3L, there are even more ways to get involved. Moot court, journal, and clinics are some examples. Start thinking about what you may want to get involved with in the upcoming years. For example, I would like to be a part of the Family Law Clinic at my school once I am an upperclassman. This is part of the reason I joined the club that helps domestic violence survivors get protective orders from their abusers. Joining this club may put me at an advantage when I apply to be a part of the clinic.

Look for ways to get involved outside the law school. For example, my university has a graduate student government, which is another way for grad students to get involved and get outside of the law building.

If you were heavily involved in an organization during undergrad, consider applying to be a leader of it. I have a friend who was very involved with FCA in undergrad, and now she is one of the leaders for the chapter of it at our university. Another example of getting involved in undergrad organizations is applying to be a chapter consultant for the Greek organization you were a part.

Obviously, this is not all of the ways you can get involved, but it is a good start! Find something that interests you, and look for a club or organization that focuses on it. You will get good info out of the club, but also meet some great people as well! 


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