My Workout Playlist(s)

Music is one of my biggest motivators when I work out. A good song encourages me to lift heavier, run a little faster, and try a little harder. That being said, I have a couple go to workout playlists that I love to listen to when I work out.

On a day when I want to lift, I will listen to Spotify's Workout Twerkout playlist. It is updated every so often to provide new, upbeat, hip-hop and rap songs. I love listening to this playlist when I workout, especially if I want to push myself that day.

The following is a playlist that I have created that includes all of my favorite workout songs. I prefer high tempo music with fun lyrics. First of all, it puts me in a good mood, and secondly, it encourages me to push myself harder. As you can see, there is a decent amount of different kinds of music: new songs, some good throwbacks, and some really old throwbacks. I also find strong female singers really empowering to work out to. Some of my favorites are Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Demi Lovato. You cannot go wrong with those three if you want some female empowerment while you work out!

I have a couple more playlists I will share with you all soon, including a studying playlist! Also, if you prefer to listen to the playlist directly on Spotify, you can check it out here.


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