My Fall Wellness Goals

October is my FAVORITE month for many reasons: postseason baseball, Halloween, leaves changing colors, crisp air, the return of hockey, and Domestic Violence Awareness month (this was my sorority's philanthropy, and in law school, I joined an organization to help victims get legal aid). But it is also one of the most stressful months with holidays and exams approaching. In trying to balance the excitement and the stress, I decided that it was a good time to think of some new wellness goals- both physical and mental.

Try a new workout once a week- The leaves are changing, and with that, it is a good time to find a new favorite workout. The past few weeks, I have experimented with fitness classes I have never been to before. Another workout I've wanted to try is TRX suspensions.

Run another 5K- I had an amazing experience with my first 5K, and this next time, I want to run all 3.1 miles. Luckily, there are a lot of 5Ks during this time of year like Thanksgiving 5Ks. I also hope to train for it this time and be more prepared for it.

De-stress multiple times a week- This is something that is so so so important as (1) I am a law student, and (2) finals are coming up soon. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed and forget to take care of my mental health. This fall, I am making it a goal to de-stress several times a week. Two of my favorite ways to do this are through mediation and unwinding in the sauna.

Enjoy the holidays- Although it is a busy time, it is also a special time that I get to catch up with family and friends. My goal is to not be so overwhelmed that I forget to relax and enjoy myself.

Eat balanced meals- Many students let their nutrition go during exam times. Although, this hasn't ever been me, I'm in law school now and most of my classes are graded only on the final. This creates a lot of stress, and I want to make sure that I continue to eat healthy meals even in the middle of exams.

Get back in the studio- The dance studio, that is! I've been a dancer all my life, and this is the first year I have not danced. I miss it so much! My gym back home has room that is used for fitness classes, but members can use it when classes aren't, so this is the studio I go to at home. Dance is the best way for me to de-stress while working out.

So there are my wellness goals for this fall! What are yours? Feel free to share in the comments.


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