My Law School Planner

Time management is very important in law school. An important tool to managing time is having a planner. I always have my planner with me and rely heavily on it, so making sure I have the perfect planner is essential for me. I spent weeks searching for my perfect planner for law school. I finally found it from Whitney English. She makes the Day Designer (check it out here). It is a little higher priced, but definitely worth it, in my opinion.

One reason why I love this planner so much is because it provides a daily layout for the day. Every day provides a daily schedule from the hours of 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. It also provides a To-Do list for everyday, including a top three section, were you list the three most important tasks for you to do that day. It includes a Due section, a Dinner section, Dollars section, and Don't Forget section for other important daily info. Finally, the planner includes a note section, a daily gratitude section, and daily quote. She offers a variety of different covers that are both cute yet professional.

On top of having a daily layout, monthly layout is also included. There is a mini-view of the week too. I don't use this much though. 

In the hourly tracker, I write down everything I have planned for that day, including classes, club meetings, and social events. I use the To-Do list to keep track of all my readings and assignments that are due that day. I use the Daily Gratitude section to make note of what workout I did that day. Finally, I use the Dinner section to keep a loose track of what I ate that day.

I also color code my planner. This helps me visually see the general plan of my day even without reading each individual event. The different categories are law school events and clubs, school events, blog, social events, traveling, appointments, fitness, and classes. When I have a job, I include that as well. Since I don't have a job currently, this is not needed. I also like the pop of color that color-coding provides. The inside pages aren't colorful at all, so I use some fun stickers and washi tape to brighten up the pages.

The planner also includes planning pages for the year. I don't use them, but they seem like a good resource to help balance your life. A very beneficial page is the Ideal Week. It allows you to plan your ideal week out. If I had more of a normal weekly schedule, I would use this page. However, my week changes every semester, so it is hard for me to have one "ideal week" for a year.

So that is my planner! I plan to use this planner for the rest of law school. How do you organize your life?


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