Favorite LSAT Prep Apps

Whether you are doing some last minute studying for the September LSAT or already preparing for the December LSAT, tablet apps can be a great tool to aid in your study preparation. Just like I did in My Favorite Fitness Apps post, I’ve collected a few of my favorite LSAT prep apps. Just a note, I have an iPad, so all of the apps are for iOS. They may be offered in other systems for other tablets.

To really be prepared for the LSAT, I don’t recommend just studying from apps. Invest in a tutor, a class, or LSAT prep books. These are better tools to teach you how to score well on the LSAT. Using free or inexpensive apps can be a study supplement, but should not be the end-all-be-all means of studying for the LSAT.

McGraw Hill LSAT Premium (McGraw-Hill; Free): This is the companion app to McGraw Hill’s LSAT Premium prep book. It includes seven practice tests. This was the app I used the most when I studied for the LSAT. Instead of doing a full practice exam at once, I would run through each section individually for practice. This app provides a timer, so you know how much time you have left remaining to complete a section.

McGraw Hill Test Planner (McGraw-Hill; Free): This app is also great if you are using their LSAT prep book. You put in the date of the exam, and they will plan a study schedule for you. As part of the schedule, you will take a diagnostic exam, a midterm exam, and work your way through their prep book app. Since this app is designed around their prep book, it is only helpful if you have their book.

LSAT Prep: Practice Tests and Flashcards (Varsity Tutors; Free): This app is pretty cool because it includes study guides, but also a list of LSAT tutors in your area, all who must have a law degree. As a study tool, it provides flashcards, conceptual lessons, practice questions, and diagnostic tests. It even lets you make your own flashcards! This app provides resources for the logical reasoning, logical games, and reading comprehension sections on the LSAT.

LSAT Max (Test Max, Inc.; Free, full content starts at $63/month): For free, you can access a free test, a introduction to every section on the LSAT, a lesson on sequencing games, and a lesson on timing. Full content includes six diagnostic exams, as well as in-depth lessons on all sections of the LSAT. This app looks like a great tool, especially if you subscribe to the full content and use it as your primary study tool.

There are other LSAT prep apps out there, but these are my favorites/ the ones I used. You will find that there are not many legitimate LSAT prep apps. I think this is due to the fact that many experts and test preparation companies believe it is best to prepare as you will take the test. A practice test is more like the real LSAT when it is taken at a desk on paper rather than on a tablet. That being said, apps can still be a good tool in your LSAT preparation. Happy studying!


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