What's in my Workout Bag?

First things first, the bag itself. I wanted a semi cute bag that I could take from school to the gym and back again. No duffels or drawstrings here. I ended up with a cute, black purse from Target. It is on the larger side for bags, and it has a mid-sized zipper section. It’s just what I wanted- cute, affordable, and large enough to store all my stuff.

Clif Bar- In case I need a post workout or study snack, I keep a Clif Energy Bar in my workout bag.

Single serving packet of protein powder- If I’m on the go after a workout, I can have a protein shake. I keep this, along with the Clif Bar, in the zippered section.

Water bottle- This one is pretty obvious. It’s important to stay hydrated both during and after a workout!

Bullet Workout Journal- I keep a bullet journal full of workout ideas and meal prep ideas. I have a spread for each major muscle group, along with common exercises and machines that target each group. In this journal, I also have my master list of meals. Here, I keep my favorite breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, and desserts.

Workout cards designed by my trainer- When I worked with my trainer this summer, he put together 4 workout cards for me, including weight amount to use and repetitions to do. If I want a really good workout, I pull out one of these and do it!

Ear buds- This is also pretty obvious. I have to listen to music while I workout. It pumps me up and keeps me going!

Deodorant- Also pretty obvious. I use this after a workout if I have somewhere to be and don’t have time to shower.

Mini hair brush- Just like the deodorant, I use this when I need to be somewhere and don’t have time to run home and fix my hair.

Mini mascara- Same exact reason as the prior two items! Swiping on a quick layer of mascara brightens up my face and makes me feel more put together.

Travel pack of makeup remover wipes- After a really sweaty workout, I don’t want any makeup on my face, which is why I keep a small pack of makeup remover wipes.

Pacifica Complete Face Wash- This is great! It removes excess makeup, cleanses, and tones my skin. It’s also something I use if I need to go somewhere right after a particularly sweaty workout.

Membership Card- It’s easier to keep my gym membership card in the bag I always take to the gym. That way, I will never forget it!

Extra cash- Finally, its just a good idea to keep a little cash on you. You never know when you might need it for gas, food, etc. You don’t have to carry too much; even $10 should be enough in an emergency situation.

I love being able to grab my bag and go! It’s easy to forget some things (like ear buds), but by having my workout purse prepped and ready, I won’t forget anything. Feel free to add anything you have to have when you workout in the comments!


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