Practicing Self Care

Self care is very important, but it usually is the first to go during super busy times. Self care prevents burnout, helps you to refocus, and also reduces stress and its negative effects. The World Health Organization defines self care as “what people do for themselves to establish and maintain health, prevent and deal with illness. It is a broad concept that includes hygiene, nutrition, lifestyle, environmental factors, socioeconomic factors, and self medication.” Practicing self care can be done in many ways, just do whatever helps you balance, clear your mind, and make you feel good about yourself. Here are some of my favorite ways to practice self care:

Go for a walk or run
Go to the gym and do your favorite workout
Drink water or tea
Try a new workout
Practice yoga
Take deep breaths
Read a book
Pray or practice another type of spiritual activity
Bake a tasty dessert
Cook your favorite meal
Watch your favorite movie or TV show
Find an inspiring TED Talk to watch
Clean out some of your clutter
Put on your favorite playlist (I recommend acoustic songs!)
Go out to lunch or dinner
Paint your nails
Take a bubble bath
Use a bath bomb or massage bar
Apply a face mask
Call a trusted friend or family member
Dance it out
Do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle
Read a chapter of a book
Start an art project
Make a gratitude list
Cuddle (with a dog, cat, or person)
Turn off your phone
Avoid social media for a day
Say positive affirmations
Go for drive
Watch clouds
Sit in nature
Light a candle
Wear your comfiest clothes
Diffuse essential oils
Pick some colorful flowers
Eat fruits and veggies

There are so many ways to practice self care! Find a couple that benefit you and use them when you are overwhelmed, stressed, or anxious. Prayer, applying a face mask, listening to acoustic music, and coloring in mindful coloring books really work for me! Leave some of your favorite self care ideas in the comments.


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