Orientation Day 1

So this week has been a blur for me. Monday and Tuesday I moved to a new state and into my new apartment. On Wednesday, I got my life in order- made sure I have all of my books (11, in case you were wondering), stocked up on groceries and other necessities, and got to know my new roomie! Today, I started Orientation; I have two more days of Orientation, and then I will start classes. Today was the longest day of Orientation, so I am pretty tired and this post will be short.

Throughout the day, we had about 10 sessions. For the majority of them, faculty and professors briefed us about life in law school. Some of the topics included the history of my school, basic concepts about law, how to find a legal job, and how to survive 1L year in general. All of the information provided was extremely helpful, and it felt more personal because people who lived it and now teach it provided it. In the very beginning, I felt a little overwhelmed, but those feelings quickly passed and feelings of excitement took over. I also met with a group of students whom I had been randomly placed with and 2L leader. Many law schools have these groups, but they call them different names. Basically, you meet with them every week, have your classes with them, and should be used as a network and study group. Over the next few weeks, I have a feeling I will get to know these students very well.

The best part of the day was meeting new students. These people will be my classmates, my network, sometimes rivals, but more importantly, my friends. Many of us are in the same boat: knowing no one, having no idea about the town we now live in, and not knowing what to expect from law school. Knowing I have people who are going through the same thing as me will undoubtedly help me with this transition. Plus, hanging out and having fun with them will be a great stress relief.

Overall, the biggest thing I learned today was to not worry. Law school is difficult, but rewarding. Yes, I will spend lots of time reading and briefing cases, but if I manage my time well, I can still have time for hobbies and relaxing. Professors do not want to see their students fail; they actually want to help their students be as successful as possible. Career services will not do the work for you, but they will work with you and provide you with all the resources needed to land the externship or job you want. The next three years (and especially this coming one) will be challenging but worth it. I am excited for the next two days of orientation and the coming school year. Stay tuned for next week's post about the rest of orientation and my first day!!


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