Perks of Working with a Trainer

For the past month, I have been seeing a personal trainer at my gym. We met once a week for one hour. It wasn’t a cheap experience, but definitely worth it. If I had the money (and wasn’t moving soon), I would definitely keep meeting with him every week. Here is what I gained from my personal training sessions:

New exercises: Not only did my trainer teach me new exercises and the correct technique for common exercises, he introduced me to new equipment too. Before meeting with him, I was interested in TRX Suspension Trainers, but never used them. He taught me some basic TRX exercises, and I look forward to learning even more.

Specific workouts: At the end of each session, he gave me a workout card that included the exercises we did, how many reps to do, and with what amount of weight to use. This way, I can do the exact workouts he planned for me, even without him.

Motivation: There’s nothing like knowing you already spent around $80 on a workout to motivate you to go. Even on the days I didn’t want to workout, I knew I would have a good workout since my trainer would be there to guide and encourage me. Also, I pushed myself more when working out with him. I don’t like disappointing people, so all he would have to (jokingly) say was “I thought you could do 15 reps” to get those few extra reps out of me.

Confidence: The gym I go to is a fitness junkie gym. Almost everyone who goes there looks like a Fitspo model, probably eats only 1200 calories a day, and has great technique. I wouldn’t consider myself a workout novice by any means, but I still sometimes get intimidated at the gym. (Everyone I know occasionally gets intimidated or has off days at the gym, so it is totally normal when you do too!) By working with a trainer, I gained knowledge and technique to use when I workout alone. This helped my gym confidence grow a lot.

Finally, I had fun while working with my trainer. It is nice to talk to someone while getting a great workout in. Obviously, the first couple sessions were a little awkward, but the more we met, the less awkward it got. He was a fun person to work with and it added a little variety into my workout routine.

Overall, I really enjoyed working with a trainer! I recommend it if you are new to working out, have some major fitness goals you want to accomplish, or even just need to spice your workout routine up. It is expensive, so make sure that spending the money is worth it for you. If not, you can still have a great workout on your own!


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