Welcome to Fit Future Attorney!

This fall, I will start law school at a mid-western state university. As I applied to law schools, I read blogs written by law students that helped me navigate the application process and gave me ideas of what to expect come August. Because of these helpful bloggers, I decided to start my own blog about law school, but wanted to add another aspect to it.

I thought about my interests (dance, dogs, wine, and working out, to name a few) and decided that adding a fitness aspect to my blog would be best. Disclaimer: I am not a personal trainer or dietitian. I’m a normal twenty something who enjoys lifting weights but also really loves chocolate- it’s all about balance, my friends. My aim for this blog is to capture that balance by providing information about law school, my favorite workouts, healthy(ish) recipes, and life in general.

This summer I will be focusing on fitness posts as well as posts about the application process, in hopes of helping future law students. The LSAT, personal statements, scholarships, resumes, my fitness goals, and workout ideas will all be covered this summer. Orientation at my school begins mid-August, so expect a post about that later this summer. My hope is to post something new every Thursday, but that may not happen once I get into the craziness of law school. Also, I will be launching a Pinterest account in a few days, so keep an eye out for that!


P.S. This is your shout-out John. Please come back from Brussels J


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